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What To Expect For ‘Invincible’ Season 2

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(SPOILERS for Invincible‘s first season will be found below.)

Season 2 of Amazon’s Invincible is receiving some teasing, and some of that information is coming from creator Robert Kirkman, whose comic books (as with The Walking Dead) serve as the backbone of the series. Before we discuss the upcoming season, though, let’s briefly refresh on where the series ended.

Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson (J.K. Simmons) is in the wind after beating the hell out of his son, Invincible/Mark Grayson (Stephen Yeun), who refused to help assimilate Earth as part of the Viltrum Empire. This bloody altercation arrived after Omni-Man had pulverized plenty of characters over the course of the season, and Mark was finding out exactly how evil dad is. This fateful scene ended with Omni-Man realizing that couldn’t kill his own son, and no one knows where Omni-Man went.

This includes his wife, Deborah Grayson (Sandra Oh), who realizes that she was a pawn, who was meant only to help him raise Mark to help take over Earth. Mark won’t play into that game, and now, we are left to wonder whether the show will adhere to Kirkman’s source material. In the comics, Omni-Man flees to Thraxa, and he imagines that he can easily take over that planet, but Earth is now in a shambles. If you are expecting to be able to depend on that result, though? Not so fast. Kirkman previously admitted (to ComicBook) that he grew “bored” with The Walking Dead comic while the show progressed, and he yearned for changes from the source material. So perhaps he also feels that way about Invincible. Here’s what Kirkman declared:

“[Invincible] sometimes adapts the comic book very closely, and sometimes it varies wildly… I think that some people think it’s a little bit closer to the comic than it actually is. Then at the same time, after years and years of working on The Walking Dead and being the guy in the room that’s like, ‘No, let’s change it. Let’s kill this character. Let’s do this,’ I was always pushing hard to change things as much as possible because I was bored with the source material because I was there for so long and additionally, The Walking Dead was something I was still actively doing [as a comic]. And so I was like, ‘Oh my God, can we please do something different?'”

That’s vague but perhaps deliciously so. And also via ComicBook, the show has started to drop Season 2 hints on Twitter. This isn’t the most important update (yet), but the social media team meme’d up the Mauler Twins and the show’s chicken pot pie fixation while clarifying that significant news will arrive by January 31.

In other words, we should know more about Season 2 soon.

The first Invincible season is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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